CERAMIC COATING® Ceramic Protection


Ceramic protection for bodywork. Do-it-yourself application, suitable for Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1500 EUR.

Product details

The CERAMIC COATING® ceramic protection will be your best ally in the fight against bad weather and the irremediable passage of time.

Ceramic is recognized as the most effective long-term treatment for caring for your body. CERAMIC COATING® has been developed around its main ingredient, Quartz. This material is renowned for its scratch resistance and brilliance. Ceramic CERAMIC COATING® will create an envelope on the body of your vehicle.

You will protect your vehicle for a minimum of 24 months:

Protection in the face of nature : Acid rain, sunlight/UV, bird droppings, tree waste and wax, dust and oxidation/corrosion
Hydrophobic effect
Keep your bodywork cleaner, longer: prevents dirt from adhering
Intense shine effect
Easier to clean

Included in the kit :

  • 1x Bottle CERAMIC COATING®
  • 1x Application buffer
  • 1x Microfibre drying cloth
  • 3x Microfibre application
  • 1x Pair of protective gloves


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