2-piece luggage for front trunk (Frunk) for Tesla Model 3


Two-piece luggage for the front trunk of your Tesla Model 3. The trunk becomes more practical thanks to these specially developed luggage items.

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    Maximize your front trunk space Tesla with our innovative storage solution dedicated to Tesla Model 3 : GreenDrive travel bags. Specially designed to fit the Frunk perfectly on Tesla Model 3 since 2019, including the Highland facelift versions from October 2023, these travel bags revolutionize the way you organize your trunk Tesla.

    Each bag, developed from precise 3D modeling of the Frunk, optimizes every inch of available space. Made from sturdy 600D Oxford fabric and featuring a semi-rigid structure, these travel bags are the ideal accessory for Tesla enthusiasts who like to travel in style. With a size comparable to standard coolers, you have the flexibility to combine a travel bag with a cooler, creating a tailor-made storage solution for your trunk Tesla.

    Each pack of bags for Tesla Model 3 includes two symmetrical bags, equipped with practical straps for easy carrying and zips to secure your belongings. Installation is child's play: simply place the bags in the Frunk of your Tesla Model and check that they are correctly positioned.

    The GreenDrive travel bag pack is compatible with Tesla Model 3 from 2019 to today (including the 2024+ Highland facelift).

    Each bag is specially designed to offer an optimized storage solution, enabling Tesla Model 3 owners to maximize the use of their trunk. Whether for business trips or weekend getaways, these travel bags are perfect for all types of travel.

    This exclusive pack of bags for Tesla Model 3 is a must-have product for car travel enthusiasts Tesla. Designed with Tesla Model 3 in mind, these travel bags fit perfectly in the trunk, making optimum use of space. High-quality materials guarantee durability and strength, ensuring that your luggage remains secure and intact whatever your destination.


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