PPF protection lower body Mini edition for Tesla Model S

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Protect your Model S from rocks, salt and debris with the PPF Mini Rocker. Avoid paint chips from rocks and dirt with this clear, easy to install kit.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

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A range of 3M™ Scotchgard™ protective films to protect sensitive areas of your car.

Compatible for Tesla Model S LongRange & Plaid 2022 +

Contrary to their name, these mini rockers are a game changer when it comes to protection. Avoid damage from rocks and debris with this clear, easy-to-install kit.

Protect your undercarriage from Tesla Model S with this protective PPF covering kit from the 3M ScotchGard line.

The paint can be weakened depending on the driving conditions. Indeed, a road with gravel or often exposed to salt can make life difficult for the underbody.

This do-it-yourself kit will allow you to protect the underbody of the Tesla Model S .

The kit comes pre-cut and ready to install.

Material: 3M ScotchGard Paint Protect Film (PPF)

Finish: Gloss

Installation tools included: sprayer and squeegee.

Compatibility: Tesla Model S all generations

We can assist you if you have difficulties with installation!

Content and methodology:

When you receive your product you will have two bottles, the "Tack" and the "Slip" solution.

The Tack solution is an empty bottle to serve as a water reserve, and the Slip solution is a bottle with soap (it is not very visible to the eye but it is present).

Before the installation we advise to purify and degrease the area, for that we our Optimus preparator from Alchimy 7 is ideal.

Find below our installation videos.


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