Hydraulic automatic trunk opening jacks - Tesla Model 3

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Want to copy the Tesla Model S and X cousins which have automatic opening?

Let's go !

These trunk hydraulic jacks specially designed for the Tesla Model 3 replace your old jacks to facilitate the opening of your boot. You will be able to open it from the central console, your key but also from your phone and / or your Apple Watch.h.

Simple installation: a flat screwdriver is enough to remove the old one and place it in the same place with the same fixings.

Unique in Europe withcompatibility guarantee.

Assembly instructions:



We can assist you if you have any assembly difficulties!

Warning,different products are available on the market, resistance and quality may therefore vary. In fact, care must be taken to differentiate the jacks made from metal and plastic from those made of 100-gauge metal. withstand temperature variations. Indeed the plastic parts present on the low-end cylinders are fragile and can leave gas leaks. 

Frunk tutorial and demonstration video:

Front cylinders compatible with Model 2021

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