Multi format USB key for DashCam and Sentry Mode - Tesla Model S, X, 3 and Y

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Ready-to-use Dashcam storage designed for Tesla Model 3, Model Y, Model S, Model X

Here is a USB key that will make your life easier, because it is already ready to use..
This USB key will simply allow you to record and store Dashcam and sentry mode data.». *
Everything is already ready, you just have to plug it into your car. Then you can play the videos taken either from your computer or on your phone.e.

*The Tesla are equipped with Dashcam, filming around the car when it is moving for proof in the event of an accident, but also with "Sentry" Mode, this also allowing to film when someone approaches the car, thus in case of damage you will have proof too.i.

What is provided in this price 

  • USB adapter
  • SD cardSandisk Ultra of the chosen size

Notice available: Notice-EN

✓  Tested for Dashcam and Sentry modes          
SanDisk Ultra Micro SD 128 GB or 64 GB or 32 GB card INCLUDED
✓ 4 in 1 card reader
✓ Full HD resolution
✓ Pre-formatted correctly
✓  Folder "TeslaCam"pre-added
✓  Plug and play, no further configuration required
✓ Free app to transfer / view videos
✓  Watch videos directly on your phone
✓ Compatible with iPhones, Androïd, PC and Mac

✓ 2 years warranty
✓ Satisfied or refunded

For information

For sentry mode all Tesla Model 3 and Model S and X built after August 2017 are compatible.

For Dashcam mode, your car requires the A.P. 2.0 and version 9.0 minimum.

Compatibility guarantee, change, exchange and return of defective elements.

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