DUAL MOTOR" emblem for rear trunk - Tesla Model S, X, 3 & Y


Dual Motor Trunk Logo to change the colour or replace the writing already present on the Tesla's trunk.

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    Highlight your Tesla with our Dual Motor emblem, specially designed for Tesla Model S , X, 3 and Y models. Enhance the rear of your car by choosing from our different finishes: Chrome, Matte Black, Gloss Black and Matte Black with Red Bar.
    Quick and easy installation: With pre-positioned adhesive on the back of each letter and a clear film with a foam guide, installing your Dual Motor logo for Tesla is simple. Simply peel off the back, position the logo, then remove the clear film and foam.
    Durable Material: Made of galvanized ABS, this Dual Motor emblem for Tesla is designed to withstand the elements and ensure a long life.
    True to the original: This Dual Motor logo is a replica of the original product, ensuring perfect aesthetics and full compatibility with Tesla Model S , X, 3 and Y models.
    Choose your style: Choose one of our available variants - Chrome, Matte Black, Glossy Black or Matte Black with red bar - and customize your Tesla according to your taste and desire.
    Universal compatibility: This Dual Motor logo is compatible with Tesla Model S , X, 3 and Y models, allowing you to add a personalized touch to your electric vehicle.
    Give yourself a unique and stylish look with our Dual Motor logo for Tesla and stand out on the road while proudly displaying the power of your electric motor. Order now and bring a touch of originality to your Tesla!
    You want a logo that replaces the Dual Motor?
    Check out our "Plaid" badge, the ultimate accessory for Tesla owners looking to show their love for the new high performance version of these iconic vehicles. Available as a logo or script, this distinctive badge allows you to stand out and show your support for the innovation of Tesla.
    Logo adhésif lettrage Plaid pour Tesla Logo Tesla Plaid pour Tesla Model S, X, 3 et Y


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      Tesla Model Y 2021-2023
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