Adhesive logo lettering Plaid for Tesla


Logo to stick on the body of your Tesla. This variant of the PLAID logo for Tesla is in lettering compared to the logo in illustration form.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 2000 EUR.

Product details

Logos Plaid in lettering for the trunk of your Tesla.

Identical to the original ones in size, they are simply glued in place of the "Dual-Motor" or "Plaid" logo.

The PLAID logo exists in two variants : a lettering variant and a logo variant. This product page shows you the lettering variant and below is an image with a link to the illustrated version:


Specifications: Be sure to clean up the area before applying the new logos

Simple installation: Peel off the old logos with a hair dryer, then remove the glue residue. Finally come to stick the new logos.

Variants : 3

We can assist you if you have difficulties with the assembly!