Roof sunshade for Tesla Model 3 (all generations)

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Roof sunshade for Tesla Model 3. Specially adapted to protect you and your passengers from the sun's rays.

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    Compatible with the new Tesla Model 3 Highland 2024+ :
    Tesla Model 3 Propulsion Highland 2023 - Les Numériques


    The glass roof is magnificent, but don't hesitate to protect yourself from the sun with these sunshades!

    Easy to install: simply unfold and place on the ceiling. Insert the sunshade in the gap between the glass and the ceiling, and add the plastic piece to hold it in place. (supplied with)

    Version: full front sunroof and partial rear sunroof (for driver's visibility)

    Materials: canvas, metal, plastic

    Compatibility: Tesla Model 3

    Thermal protection included :

    Thermal protection is included in the product, and is placed between the glass and the sunshield to reduce heat as much as possible.


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