High Strength Brake Caliper Paint - Tesla Model 3, S, X or Y

Paint color

Paint for brake calipers. Switch to red calipers as on performance models. Choose paint over caliper covers that are too risky for your safety.

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1500 EUR.

Product details

Give your Tesla a real sporty look with this brake caliper paint!

This paint is resistant to heat, chemicals, corrosion and oil. Easy to clean and long-lasting shine.

This paint kit includes :

400 ml brake cleaner
125 ml of lacquer
50 ml hardener
1 steel brush
1 brush
1 spatula
1 pair of disposable protective gloves
Strikers in brand decal (Black)

Installation :

Remove the wheels
Clean the brake caliper with the steel brush and brake cleaner.
Mixing paint with curing agent
Mask the parts around the stirrup and apply the paint with the paintbrush.
Leave to dry for 2 hours and then put the wheel back on

1 kit allows to make the 4 stirrups

What is the difference between paint and stirrup covers to be fixed over it?

Tesla and the Service Center strictly advises against metal stirrup covers. According to their information this does not allow the brakes to dissipate heat in the normal way and in the same way for the ejection of small or medium waste such as dust or gravel.

We experienced this on our own vehicle, after testing the caliper covers for more than 4 months, we were forced to make a maintenance request to have the brakes checked. There was an accumulation of dust and pebbles stuck in the added caliper and between the disc and pads. This is why caliper covers are not sold on our website. We are responsible for your safety, that's why every product is designed with that in mind.


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