copy of Set of 4 replica Roadster rims for Tesla Model 3 , Model Y, Model S and Model X

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Get a Tesla Roadster 2 look on your Tesla with replica forged wheels for Tesla Model 3 , Model Y, Model S and Model X.

Product details

Inspired by the new Tesla Roadster, our wheels adopt a futuristic yet sporty style. The wheel center, also in forged aluminum, features a fictitious central nut that not only serves as a decorative element, but also cleverly hides the five original nuts, preserving the symmetry and fluidity of the design.

Our wheels are not simply cast, they are precision-forged from blocks of raw aluminum, using a high-precision CNC milling machine. This forging process not only guarantees exceptional design fidelity, but also makes the wheels incomparably strong and light, optimizing your vehicle's energy consumption.

For weight comparison, these rims are installed on our Tesla Model S Plaid.

Original wheels weigh 14.5 kg front and 16.3 kg rear. Our Roadster replica wheels weigh 12.6 kg front and 12.9 kg rear.

Saving weight on rims, and more generally on all unsprung masses of a vehicle, is crucial in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. Unsprung mass refers to vehicle components that are not supported by the suspension, such as rims and tires.

1. Improved handling and driving comfort:

  • Greater responsiveness: Lighter rims reduce inertia, making the vehicle more agile and responsive to driver inputs.
  • Comfort: A reduction in unsprung mass reduces the impact of road irregularities on driving comfort, by attenuating vibrations and jolts.

2. Energy efficiency :

  • Reduced consumption: By reducing the weight of the rims, the vehicle needs less energy to move and stop these masses during acceleration and braking, thus optimizing energy consumption.
  • Improved autonomy: For electric vehicles such as Tesla, optimized energy consumption means improved autonomy.

3. Reduced wear :

  • Braking: Reduced weight reduces stress on the braking system, potentially extending its service life.
  • Suspensions: Suspension components also benefit from reduced wear thanks to the reduced mass they have to manage.

Technical calculations :

Original rims: 14.5 kg (front) and 16.3 kg (rear).

Roadster wheels: 12.6 kg (front) and 12.9 kg (rear).

Weight gains :

Front: 1.9 kg per rim.

Rear: 3.4 kg per rim.

It is often said in the automotive industry that 1 kg saved on unsprung mass is equivalent to saving around 6 to 10 kg of sprung mass, in terms of the perceived impact on vehicle performance (this approximation may vary according to source and context).

Thus, the effective savings felt with rims would be approximately :

Before: 1.9 kg/rim * 10 = 19 kg/rim felt.

Rear: 3.4 kg/rim * 10 = 34 kg/rim felt.

These weight savings, particularly on an electric vehicle where optimizing every kilometer of range is crucial, can have a significant impact on vehicle performance and efficiency. Drivers benefit from an enhanced driving experience, while maximizing the range of their electric vehicle.

Rim sizes by car :

Model Sizes
Tesla Model 3

18" : 8.5 x 18 ET 35

19": 8.5 x 19 ET 35

20" : 9 x 20 ET 34

Tesla Model Y

19": 9.5 x 19 ET 45

20" : 9.5 x 20 ET 45

21" front: 9.5 x 21 ET 40

21" Rear: 10.5 x 21 ET 48

Tesla Model S 2012 - 2020 19": 8 x 19 ET 40

20" : 8 x 20 ET 40

21" : 8.5 x 21 ET 40

Tesla Model X 2016 - 2020

20" front: 9 x 20 ET 35

20" Rear: 9.5 x 20 ET 40

22" front: 9 x 20 ET 35

22" Rear: 10 x 20 ET 35

Tesla Model S 2022+

19" front: 9.5 x 19 ET 40

19" Rear: 9.5 x 19 ET 45

21" front: 9.5 x 21 ET 40

21" Rear: 10.5 x 21 ET 45

Tesla Model X 2022+

20" front: 9 x 20 ET 40

20" Rear: 10 x 20 ET 35

22" front: 9 x 22 ET 35

22" Rear: 10 x 22 ET 35


This product is made-to-measure. Each rim is machined from a single block of aluminium6061-T6 AerospaceTo offer you the highest quality and strength. Thanks to this manufacturing process, we are able to produce customized rims, whatever your requirements (size, color, design, etc.). (size, color, design, etc.)

If you have a specific request, don't hesitate to ask our customer service department.

Average delivery time for custom-made products :25 working days


How do I add tires to my order ?

Use the link below to choose the tires that suit you best and add them to your shopping basket together with your rims using the "Mount on rims" option. We'll then carry out the mounting in our partner workshop, and the rims will be ready to install.

Tires forTesla Model Y


Tires forTesla Model 3


Tires forTesla Model S


Tires forTesla Model X



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What is a forged rim compared to a conventional rim ?

Casting Method Aluminium cast in a mould
Weight ★★☆☆☆
Resistance ★★☆☆☆
Price ★★★★★
Balancing ★★☆☆☆
Flow Forged Method Aluminium cast in a mold + heated and drawn on a special machine
Weight ★★★★
Resistance ★★★☆☆
Price ★★☆☆☆
Balancing ★★★☆☆
Semi Forged Method Solid machining of front panel + bowl casting
Weight ★★★★★
Resistance ★★★★
Price ★★☆☆☆
Balancing ★★★★
Forged Method Machining the rim from solid
Weight ★★★★★
Resistance ★★★★★
Price ☆☆☆☆
Balancing ★★★★★


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  • Compatibility Tesla Model 3 2024+ (from October 2023)

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