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With its compact size, the Tesla Model Y is an electric car that can accommodate up to 7 people. The car has been designed to be the safest in its class like all Tesla. It has a low center of gravity, a rigid body and large crumple zones that offer optimal protection. Specialized in the sale of electric car equipment, Greendrive ensures the delivery of quality accessories at the best price for your Tesla Model Y . We offer parts for more performance, items to protect the interior and exterior of your car, storage products, maintenance, etc.

A wide range of equipment for Tesla Model Y

We provide you with different accessories for your electric car Tesla Model Y. These include quality parts to replace damaged ones, but also products to make your car more comfortable. Some items offer extra protection against damage while others help to increase the safety of the electric car.

For example, you can choose to cover the front bumper of your Tesla Model Y . With the larger air vents, you will end up with an electric car with a sportier look. The product is offered as a pre-cut covering that you will simply have to stick on the places dedicated to this car model. We offer very useful products for Tesla Model Y at affordable prices like :

  • the phone holder integrated into the steering wheel with charging for iPhone and Android,
  • the central screen protection glass,
  • multi-format USB keys, etc.

Accessories are also available to give your car a carbon look Tesla Model Y . Easy to install, the performance spoiler for Tesla Model Y is made of carbon fiber. It is almost identical to the one present on the performance version of this electric car model. You can also choose carbon mirror caps, a center console, a carbon camera cover and many other accessories.

Trunk mats for Tesla Model Y are also a must for protecting the interior of your electric car. Made of thermoformed PVC, our mats are waterproof and very resistant. To install, you will simply have to empty the trunk of all accessories before placing the trunk mats Tesla Model Y . The sides are thermoformed to hold the mat in place. Washable with water and odorless, it is the accessory that prevents sand, snow or mud from dirtying your car.

High quality accessories for Tesla at the best price

Titanium nuts, forged track wideners with active cooling, rims, wheels and tires, many products for Tesla Model Y are available in our store. You also have reinforced steel and polyurethane snow chains for your electric car tires.

For those who wish to give a personalized look to the interior of their car Tesla Model Y , a complete kit in synthetic leather allows you to change the color of the original seats. The cover is specially made to fit this model without increasing the thickness of the seats.

With time, the paint of your car Tesla Model Y can also be weakened depending on the driving conditions. Roads with gravel or exposure to salt often degrade the lower body of cars. With the PPF protective covering kit, you can remedy this problem. Pre-cut and ready to install, it protects the underbody of the Tesla Model Y as well as the bottom of the doors.

Whatever accessories you need for your electric car Tesla Model Y , look for them in a few clicks on our online store. Most of our products come with a minimum 2 year warranty. Green Drive allows you to quickly purchase high quality accessories for your electric car Tesla Model Y . You will just have to place the order and your product is delivered as soon as possible. The delivery is free from 150 euros of purchase with an after-sales service at your disposal for any question. Don't wait any longer and order your accessories for your Tesla Model Y .