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The GYEON Q² One EVO is the latest evolution of the Q² One, the professional ceramic protection available to all!

Scalapay is available for orders up to 1500 EUR.

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After two years of intensive research and development, GYEON has reached a new level: the EVO range brings true technological EVOlution to the manufacturing process. GYEON uses fluorine-modified polysilazanes for the first time in the car care sector. Why is this so important? The modification of polysilazanes during the manufacturing process brings enormous advantages in all areas: durability, chemical resistance or ease of use.


Thanks to their new technology, EVO coatings can even be applied outdoors: a closed garage is no longer required. The only thing to guarantee is a dry place for the next 12 hours and some shade for the application.


All new EVO coatings no longer require a two-coat application, but only one coat per product. The EVO range also allows for a wider application with larger working areas. 30 ml of product now equals 50 ml before!


The Q² One EVO is mainly intended for the enthusiast who wants to start in the world of ceramic protections with a very limited cost.


Q² One EVO is even easier to apply than before. As simple as a natural wax, it also offers much better durability, improved by 50% over its previous version. More performance and higher chemical resistance make it an excellent entry-level coating for all enthusiasts.

The kit contains:

1 x Q² One EVO 30 ml

1 x Q²m Coating Applicator

1 x Q²M Cure 100 ml

1 x Instruction manual

1 x Service manual

1 x Sticker #GYEONIZED

1 x Sticker for the vehicle

Usage: all types of paint except matte

Sustainability: up to 24 months / 25K kms

Consumption: 25 to 30 ml per vehicle

PH resistance: 2 à 11

Precaution of use: Skin protection recommended. Work in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a dark, dry and cool place. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Careful preparation of the vehicle is essential, i.e. washing, decontamination and complete degreasing of the vehicle.


- Shake the Q² One EVO bottle before opening

- Place the suede microfiber on the applicator and lightly moisten it with Q² One EVO. Begin to spread the product evenly over a part of your vehicle, overlapping passes. Even out the application as much as possible by reapplying a second time if necessary. Work part by part (1/4 hood or 1/2 door for example).

- Wipe off immediately (between 10 and 30 seconds) after application. Use 2 different microfibers for this operation: the 1st one for coarse wiping, the 2nd one for finishing wiping.

- Let dry for at least 1 hour.

- Apply a second coat of Q² One EVO if desired.

- Let dry for at least 12 hours.

The treatment is dry after 12 hours. Only after this waiting time the vehicle can be taken out. Do not wash the car with aggressive products during the first 14 days. You can accelerate this process by heating the treated panels to 60°C for 10 minutes with an infrared heating lamp

Proper surface preparation is critical to the bonding and durability of the coating. Observe the following rules as much as possible:

- The surface must be decontaminated and free of any residue.

- Old waxes and other conventional protections must be removed.

- The surface must be completely degreased.

Additional information:

- You can apply the protection outdoors: never work in direct sunlight or outdoors. Required temperature: 15-25°C.

- There are two main factors influencing working with the coating: Temperature and humidity. The higher the temperature and the lower the humidity, the faster the coatings harden.

- The initial bonding time of a ceramic with the surface is only a few seconds. Do not wait, wipe immediately.

- Work in small sections, dividing the panels into 50x50cm areas.

- Use proper lighting. Apply the coating using a backlight. Point your light at the wall or ceiling to help you spot any marks. Remove them immediately.

- Always use an appropriate amount/quality of microfiber. 2 minimum per coat. Ensure that the vehicle remains in stable conditions without the risk of weathering or rapid changes in humidity during application and drying.


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